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FINALLY! One of the Best Collection of Resources created by Marketers for Marketers who need an


We are an affiliate system and marketing hub designed to connect YOU to the cashflow, and to some of the best automated lead and communication solutions available in the industry.

Every home business enthusiast needs a reliable, consistent, and scalable source of high quality, targeted leads. 

GL provides you with information on 3rd party resources that can deliver an "Endless Stream of Targeted Leads".

Systems contact the leads, NOT you... this is a game-changer!

GL provides you with the resources to automate the communication with your leads, creating an "Endless Stream of Multiple Connections".

Remember, you make money by solving people’s problems. Leads and communication tools are a major problem for millions of entrepreneurs, marketers and, well… maybe even you.

By sharing GL with others, you can earn an "Endless Stream of $75 payments".

The Power of 

Remember, you earn commission on your FIRST Sale!

When you combine GL with the lead generating services, you create an extremely powerful money making system. A system where 95% of the work is done for you and once qualified, you get paid $75 on every sale.

Check out how we create LEVERAGE for you with our compensation plan.

The Ultimate Resource HUB!

GL is a collection of internet marketing resources, tools and strategies based on 15+ years of success in the industry. 

Using these resources can deliver all the targeted, real time leads you can handle, for any business or crypto income opportunity.

The GL System was built to help you:

    • Promote Your Primary Business
    • Promote Guaranteed Leads
    • Earn from Multiple Stream of Income

GL Is Your One Stop Shop For Promoting MULTIPLE Income Opportunities!

GL members can share their affiliate offers and business opportunities to quickly and easily build MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME using just this one system!

Start Today for Only $125 One-Time!

But, We're Not Done Stacking The Value Just Yet!

Check out some of the "Picks and Shovels" available on the inside.
Use Multiple Tools. Earn Multiple Income Streams.


GL provides access to proven targeted lead generators. These are prospects who raised their hand and asked to receive information. You will never have a shortage of prospects, learning more about your business and the opportunity it offers.

Automated SMS Communication

Access to the absolute fastest, fully automated texting system, that contacts and follows up with your targeted leads for you. At the same time, the system identifies your "HOT" prospects!


Professional grade email marketing that automatically shares business information with your targeted leads, non-stop.  You can scale this type of email system as big as you want it to go.  You will have access to a variety of options, including, but not limited to, bulk email, follow up email and video email.


Access to offline marketing materials that can be sent to your leads. Inbound text marketing, allowing your leads to request additional information. Automated voice message system / 24-7 recorded information call number.

Meet Your GL Inviter...

I Love promoting solid opportunities. And, I especially enjoy showing people how to make money online!

Jeff Cohen
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Frequently Asked Questions

GL is a collection of some of the best automated lead and communication tools in the home business industry, based on 15+ years of full-time experience. Not only can you USE these 3rd party tools to help explode any business, but you can also EARN affiliate commissions when any of your referrals purchase them from the back office.

GL is an affiliate opportunity. You’ll earn $75 instantly on every sale you refer. You’ll also earn potentially infinite $75 leveraged overrides from your team via the reverse 1-up compensation plan. Lastly, you can earn affiliate commissions from any of the “Picks and Shovels” your referrals purchase from the back office. This little $125 one time fee program has massive earning potential via multiple streams of income.

GL costs a 1-time fee of $125 to access all the info in the members area and resell the GL system. That’s it. No monthly fees. However, there are a variety of optional 3rd party leads and tools available that do cost extra. While we recommend taking advantage of these tools to maximize your experience and success, they are not required.

Sure. During the California Gold Rush of the 1800’s, the people who got richest were not the gold miners themselves, but the vendors selling the picks and shovels - the TOOLS. That hasn’t changed. GL is literally a collection of tools and resources to help you promote and automate any business, AND earn handsomely from any of your referrals who also purchase the same tools and resources to help with their business. Genius? We think so :-)

YES! That’s really the point of GL. To level the playing field of knowledge and to automate and outsource as much as possible to the professionals. GL utilizes mostly “done for you” solutions so anyone can get results. If you can order a campaign from the back office, you can succeed here.

Unfortunately, it’s illegal for anyone to guarantee sales, or any level of success, so there’s ZERO guarantee of performance by GL. Therefore we ask you to get all Q’s answered prior to joining as there are no refunds once you pay and access our proprietary intellectual property. However, the name of our system is for a reason. We firmly believe you’ll receive significant value for your 1-time fee and that you’ll discover powerful “picks and shovels” you probably would have never discovered otherwise. One of our 3rd party hot offers, for example, does guarantee the accuracy and quantity of their leads… and many of us are having great results using them.